Monday, 8 October 2007

This one's for you.....

It is October already, and the worlds biggest exam for me now, is so close that if i just strech my little finger, poof.... its here!

I kind of realise that not many people actually read my "shadowz and rainbowz", but nevermind, I feel good for just spilling some things here.

Not a single comment since i started this blog(sholud have stuck to my old one).

but, let me dedicate this one, one that is slightly more special than the others, to my love.

for he will always truly and deeply remain in my heart.....
in my dreams....whoever...wherever arrreee
to my dearest man from the heavens above
Well this is my first public address to you. I woke up yesterday to the song "truly, madly,deeply"....and dazzed of at 12pm after a very very long day to my ever favourite song "everything".
Did my E.Lit studying with "only hope" and darling,
you certainly drve me "high".

how nice if i could say , they were and still are our songs!?!!?
Being so far away from you has surely made my heart stronger, but made every other part of me limbs weaker? Everyday, I miss you even more. And I do wonder, if it will ever be us again, although "us" said it will , once you are done accomplishing your dreams. Were I not part of it? If you ever stumble upon this, and realise how much you really mean to me, and my every dreams, please let me know if I still mean that much to you.

I am not sure how much you need me already!

So dearest angel, above all the best things that have ever happened to me,
and always under all the drudgery I've been through,you've surely been one of the drives in me that keep me going, I'm here always.

dreaming away as evening star...........