Monday, 4 January 2010

Goodbye My Teenager years

This might be the shortest blog of mine, ever.
for the most exciting, adventurous and interesting part of my life...
I'm still legally 19 today.
Tomorrow holds much more ... :)
therefore, ladies and gentlemen.... I bit my teenage years goodbye... but I hope to remain as young at heart, always!


13- life turning
14- Grew Up a lot
15- New Beginnings
16- Test of endurance
17- saw others Grow up...
18- fell in love and ventured deep into everything else
19- got knocked down(the hardest)....came around...and got back up...

Its me again.... to go through it all.. the storm, the volcanoe, the meteor shower...anything at all... I AM ALL OUT TO STRIVE ON! :)

~viva la vida~