Saturday, 12 June 2010

One More Week!

at least one more item on my "what to do after STPM ! " list can be struck out! 
I have worked for a week now...finally this lazy girl collected enough courage to let her legs ache, back pain,  hands go dry and even her eyes tear! 

Is it self praise if one says " I am not THAAAAT lazy anymore?"

Haha. At least I finally got one paid job done! 

Friday, 4 June 2010

My Arm hurts!!!!

Kneading, rolling and tossing 10.0 g doughs HURT!
especially if they are over 50 of them within 5 hours of work! CONTINUOUSLY! 

I got home all fine... a little tired though... checked my mail, chatted with some people online and watched 2 episodes of  Chuck (Shaw Brandon Ruth is introduced and he is super cool ---he looks like Tom Cruise ... but way taller and hawter ..He was Superman, remember ?....aaahhhhh...he's the hot n' cool kinda character you love on tv...hehe )

All of a sudden my index and  thumb started twitching... and I started feeling a shooting pain in my hand...
I applied some LMS, and went to sleep... about 4 am!  OUCCCHHHHHhhh !  my whole forearm started hurting...
Went over to parents room to get a pain killer ....but mum woke up... checked it... gave me a heating pad....
Didn't take the med though (her no no policy for painkillers for small things)

I thought all will be fine...but i woke up again a few hours later....and disturbed my mum again (sigh...sorry, mma)

Well...self diagnosis (hahahaa )   --- I have sore muscles!  and maybe a few overstrained nerves! 

Refer below :

-abductor policis extensor muscles 
-median nerve 
-and the bicep muscle!


i've got work in an hour again! START a fire!

    I need to return to TKD classes... WEAK arms! ish

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ta - Daaa!

it took me over 24 hours to just move from the laptop to the desktop pc....
to reconfigure my blog page! 
well, nothing much really. its still looks as boring as ever... even worse maybe...
plain white template...
added my favourite  perky colours here and there 

Apparently, it nearly caused more errors to the page when I tried editing it via html encryption... 
Too lazy to renovate the page (again...) , so , let us not go there for now .

More to that, I decided to allow pictures be blogged onto this account too! 
so it wouldn't be at picasa only...
unfortunately (or maybe very fortunately), it will only be pictures of random places and faces
One will still need my pass code to access my picasa web blog    

After three or so years... I am proud of myself to have
finally have done something to this  ...err...
byte page of mine..

It still will NOT serve as a daily journal....
maybe just more as an updater for now...

I hope to blog more often though


S&R of Evenstar is under construction!

Dear readers....
sorry for the page is pretty messed up now(all thanks to one wrong button)

Will do the necessary "renovation" asap...

~peace out~

The orphan destined to be Prince....

It is the strangest way to get inspired, that is through a movie you underestimated! 
I know I've been saying it again and again that I will start blogging more frequently... but never actually kept to that word, till last night...

Yesterday was a catch up date with my bff ms lolo  and we decided (thanks to somebody else's smart suggestion.... to watch the movie spinned off a game :  Prince of Persia- The Sands of Time... 
Personally, it is the movie of the year for now! 
 The plot, the actors, the production and the graphics---- AWESOME with a capital all .

A summer movie that you must watch is this...