Saturday, 31 December 2016

Sayonara 2016

I thought I did. 
I thought I wrote something for 2016. 
But my last post was as far to a time in 2014. 

Although, the adversities and adventures that built me in 2015 is still so vivid in my mind, 2016, was a whole different story.
Time really really flew by in 2016 :

Jan 2016- Spent New Years Day, with D <3 .="" br="" family="" fell="" his="" in="" love="" with="">fully cultured three major cell lines of breast carcinoma
Feb 2016- came up with the idea of knocking down a certain category of genes in the human cell to reduce breast ca resistance 
Mac 2016- worked daily for nearly 30 days, 8 till past 10 pm 
Apr 2016- found out what has happened to my knee, and the future of not getting back to sports, offered my first job, at KKM! 
May2016- hopped around on two crutches, went thru the 5 steps of "grief" with what happened. Awarded, discretely as TA's top 20 reviewers!! Got a small job on a huge Blue-White Social Media company
June2016- learnt total independence being slightly disabled. BK2 officially got married to Abs . thesis was COMPLETED, after some 168 pages
July 2016- got my second Honours, and the 1st class Honours meant- no need le masters!! :D 
                       BK2 got married!!!! good celebration! Flew on hot air balloons with my beau, and that                         was beautiful. Got my second job offer -the much awaited one! 
Aug 2016- Started my first job as le Doctor! Exciting start indeed
Sept2016-found out how nasty colleagues can get. Brexit happened here? Life was mainly : wake up at 5 am, get to work by 6 am, work,eat whenever I can, get home about 6.30 pm, wash up, sleep 
OnCalls were awesome, regardless 
Oct2016 - First Long line inserted after a few attempts!! spent quality time, after so many years, with my girls- VVBL. 
Nov2016- worked like a cow, went by 21 days of non stop work, fell pretty ill, towards the end. Succuessfully inserted my first chest tube with a reg! 
Dec2016- Successfully inserted my first CVL!!!under the guidance of an amazing reg, my own brother! :p  A great teacher, really!
 with 1/3 a pay, resigned my first job. . spent the best and most memorable times with my cloesest friends and family

That's basically how I remember this  last year 

So, hello, 2017.

I wonder what you have installed for my loved ones and I ? 

This little thank you...more of a mental note/:Just to always remember, the things a bunch of really important people- not in my everyday life,who have selflessly given, quietly done, and some been wonderful around, but mostly to me, inspired heaps...

I would love to list all that had happened together with them in 2016
but here are just a few, whom I may not cross paths with for a long time...

Mae - one of a kind of a PG student helping a lab noob like me
AProf ECH - he stood up for what is right whenever he could
Prof NWH  - an orthopod who will always stand out in anyone's mind, thanks for doing your best
Dr Z - always looking out for me,  and forever ready to help, one of the kindest Reg I've had this year
RJ -   for seeing the best in me and the potential I held

HAPPY 2017, everyone !