Monday, 1 December 2008

the Dance of Gods

Life has its ways

Of making us see things beyond itself

As the hands moves

The eyes follow

And where the eyes chase

The mind pursues

what the mind sees

The abhinaya is provoked


The rasa is born

To a realm

Of life

And immortality

In his ancient art of


Aum Namasivaya

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Right Through

Its been long since I wrote my blogs...Writer's block I guess.
Well, today, its not gonna be any poem or "philosophical" just going to be one of those from the bottom of the heart ones.

What do you do when you are deceived?

Spilled so much of your thoughts and feelings to someone to just find out, you were heading no where?

Told things to the wrong person?

Mislead to a wrong impression of somebody trying to be something else....?

I just have to write it where else or no one else would understand.
Let me just make it a reminder to myself, go slow, trust you heart, follow your instincts....they know you best, just like how you answer those MCQ questions.

I'll continue another day....

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Threshold,a ball, a gown, a prince,
life's little hold on me;
dreams born,taking me out of misery,
but this is much bigger a drudgery,
beware, be strong,
it might just be a fantasy,
for how real it could have been,
or how beautiful all of it mean,
it was just a fairy-tale,
doomed to reign,
in a vulnerable heart,
in a lost soul,
losing whats hope in the hunt for false hope...

Little by little, she is swept away,
into those dreams,where
its difficult to say
what is real,
not accepted here or anywhere,
why should she be in this too-real-a-world,
for that little fairy-tale simply
makes her a darn happy girl.

look at her,
look at me,
this misery of loneliness,
being away.........

That last glance they had,
the first kiss they shared,
Are now , mere memories,

Of a pierced heart,
a broken soul,

All she loves is him,
the angel with that
bright smile,
which gave her courage,
his warm touch,
that comforts all pain,
and those eyes....
with so much loving grace.

~aletha kavindra~