Monday, 31 December 2012

owh little caterpiller

So there it grew,
the strong cherry blossom tree,
springs pink delicate flowers,
the pure white ones occasionally...
Her fragrant , sweet,
like peaches, roses and no, not weed

She let a little caterpillar
endeavour her leaves,
crawled the little friend, and
made home in thee,
her green span of leaves
her pretty pink petals all free
she just let him in
and loved the caterpillar for who he was within...

Time came, the estranged one started spinning
threads of little silk around him
cacooned and disappeared within
the blossom rings

Autumn broke
the little cherry blossoms shred
how fragrant thee
signs of tear and despair ,
upon the missing caterpillar

He never nudged
did he?
It was a game of hide and seek
the little blossom tree
wanted to turn it around

A big part of her
vanished in her sight of what she was to see
All that remained were
her fallen petals
and leaves with holes
in every middle

Winter set in ,
she withered
came a few
to water and shade the now
unbecoming tree

Spring came
and on one fine morning,
a small opening appeared
on the cocoon of the little caterpillar
cherry blossom never saw this happen
for he struggled and crawled its way out
as a beautiful butterfly
and off he was
with its beautiful wings,
flying far away from the blossom tree.

Never seeming to look back,
but beared in his mind,
what she really meant to him
Only his little heart knew of  her heart so kind
Her love so true

Cherry blossom tree,
left with little leaves
no flowers to fragrant the free
but she grows
she will reach the sky
closer than anything
for maybe ,
the wonders of the sky so vast
will she see..

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Details in the Fabric

It's peculiar , how we see the whole wide picture, of our lives , and the lives of others.
It's like a huge sheet of a meticulous piece of embroidery.
Spread for the world to see. Everyone sees the end product, but not many actually see the tiny details that made this piece of fabric.
In continuation of the last post, there will be a couple of posts left for this year ,and most of them will follow the series of the details in the fabric.

Where little nips and falling thread may not matter, cause in the end the fabric staying whole, shows it all.  Tears get stiched up, maybe not perfectly, but, it is whole again . =)

Details in the fabric ...