Thursday, 1 January 2009


Well, look how fast time flew. For some weird reason, 2008 felt really short. My mum said its because I'm getting older...literally, I AM GETTING OLD! Today we start a new year. For some, a new venture. For many, more days ahead. and maybe, just maybe, a second chance for something.

I had 43 Text messages wishing me, unfortunately, only about 5 were really personal ones. I made the decison to reply each and everyone of them(i hope i dint miss anyone)with something from "me". LOL.

A few have replied to this reply. But people, what happened to the personal touch anyway? I mean, just choose a forwarding and "SEND TO MANY"? OKOK i shall not be a fuss sport, cause i still am very grateful for all those nice words(i get more on New Years Day then on my Birthday...which is in 4 Days time xD )

2009...what is out for me in this year... the most prominent item of the year would be, STPM!
My high school cert examinations... and , proudly(or maybe sadly) it is the 2nd toughest EXAM IN THE WORLD. well , I give the honours to all my friends, family and blog followers, to remind me of that!!! I want those 5 As.

Next, I wanna be single and free for 2009. Yeap.... go a little wild too. :)

well... I hope the global economic crisis will reside ASAP.
Hope it rains a little less from 4 to 8 in the evenings in Ipoh.
Wish the poor kids all over the world get food and education and shelter.
And mostly, hope everybody keeps believing and having hope in whatever goodness the world has to offer.

I may not be blogging much often anymore either(its obvious from the gradual decrease in activity in blogger XANGA is "poof", gone....)
But friends, catch me in facebook... it will always be nice to hear from anyone, once in awhile...

Happy 2009, everybody!

yours truly,


Carina said...

Hey gurl, you're so right about ppl forwarding 'send to many' instead of personal touch XD hence, I didnt send out any this year! Haha, lazy me.

Happy Early Bday gurl, and wishing you the very best all thru'out the year and lotza special happiness. *hugs* <33

Oh gosh, STPM, I feel like crying at the thought of going back to school.. I get nauseous, jittery and break into cold sweat at the mention of school, exams and accounts! Even God can't save me now. Haha.

Wishing you a Happy New Year as well buddy. It'll be great to see you in school again ^^ Tata~


BalakaVitHa said...

HUGZZZ to carina!
sorri gal, i didnt wish you either...
anyway, it will be great to see you in school again!
i got a new aint as small as the one last year...(fat adee mah..) so lady head wudnt be wearing the mini !
luv ya buddy!