Monday, 26 April 2010

Look what i found!!!

While clearing up my desktop and its Word documents... I found this old essay where I have written with the highest spirit of hypocrisy .
Upper Six life and its dwellings..

I miss it very very much...

this goes out to my dear MUET teacher , Ms S and all my 6AE buddies , especially the " 8+1 lazy bums"
(myself, joan, jenny,jien,jia, jian, wengks, sara,kit)
and also to everybody else who "LOVES" homework...
and thought it was "IMPORTANT" !

17 January 2010
Why Passing Up your Homework In time Is Important?

Being late for class, missing weeks of MUET lessons, and procrastinating, has finally taken a toll on me. My dear English teacher practically blew up today as she caught me red handed trying to rush with my beloved Steadler blue pen to finish up three paragraphs of an essay that was due today. And as a punishment, I have this 500 plus word essay to complete before midnight[I need some sleep, please].

While my Maths textbook is glaring at me and my Biology notebook is complaining, I have to speed up and put my fingers into an Olympic race in finishing this essay as soon as possible. Yes, the effects of piling up your homework. Rush. Rush. Rush.

And in the end, when all the work is eventually done, they do not seem to be at my best. Point number two! Well, when I miss classes and get stupidly involved in other activities, I tend to miss the lessons taught, and while trying to catch up with the lesson, I practically leave out some of the homework. And right now, the number of Math sums piled up is reaching to an amount of 200; number of unwritten article comments are for Puan Susila to find out(I’ve done most of it I think). By trying to reduce the workload, everything is done quickly and promptly and with least creative effort or neatness. Hence, when I do not pass up my homework in time, my work tends to be sloppy and of the lowest quality.

Another humungous disadvantage of not passing up your homework in time is that it creates a high level of stress in me, my friends and my teachers too. When homework is not done, right from its due time till whenever I actually pass it up, I will have this worry that will start building tension in me: “I haven’t finished my work!”, “I’m doomed! Teacher is going to kill me!”, “I’m going to get sent out????!!!!”, and few other stressful thoughts reigning through my little head.

While this happens, my teacher would most probably get angry. That is short for saying that the whole mood for the following lesson would be spoilt. Sad to say that my single mistake of not finishing up my homework in time will be the cause of the change in colour tone, from pink to red ,of my teacher’s face. Consequently, my classmates would get involved in my “wrongdoing” as we share the same environment of learning. Thus, their lessons are temporarily disrupted simply because of me. What guilt to bare!

Being unable to finish your homework eventually leads to the fact that you will be unable to keep up with your lessons. This is mainly referring to the science subjects. And if you are doing Form 6, I was warned time after time that should be the last thing you should do. In Form 6, the teachers are like bullet trains. Effective but super fast lessons. If you miss one, it is almost equivalent to missing 15 pages of small print A4 size notes. However, it will not be that big a deal if you actually finish the homework as they are concise for the lessons. So, miss a lesson, you can still work it out with your homework, but if one misses their lesson and homework and get involved in tedious and unnecessary activities, I have made a theory that one is actually digging one’s grave and attempting to decorate it with fake and temporary jewels.

Finishing most of your homework is extremely important. It is so vital till I am stomped on why I did not to finish it then itself, and why I should right away take my Math book and start finishing every bit of the sums I have?

Homework is important. And finishing it in time is as vital as it is itself. Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is deadly. I shall make the best out of my homework despite the fact that it is really hard to keep up to my word. I am trying my best though.
Long live the spirit of finishing homework!

the comment my dear teacher gave after she marked this "essay" was :


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