Saturday, 4 August 2007

once in autumn in the 30th of february

On a valentines day
Hearts call
Beautiful as thou may,
Roses do fall

In between
the truth and the words that I want to say

In between
the only thing that stands in our way
the words that only perch in my lips,
but take flight
oh so easily.

In between
thy eyes and the truth that wrap me
till I breath no more.

You took my heart away,
along with my secrets and regrets,
for the words that I wanted to hear were just
everything that I’d want to
tear with eyes filled
not with pride but
with heart filled cherish.

Those words in between of me and you,
will never cease to exist,
for they are deep in my heart, my volition.

Thou don’t want to reach for me do you…
I mean nothing to you
Now I won’t be mistaken
because all that I ever wanted is for someone
to look for me too,

how deep my heart may long
I still will wait for you till the autumn of february the 30th …


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