Saturday, 25 August 2007

taKe a LoOk aRounD

"Does anybody really know the secret
And the combination for this life and where they keep it
Its kinda sad when you don't know the meaning"


all MI fans and limp bizkit fans would!

yes................the theme song...

and guess what
it does make a lot of sense don't you think so.

maybe for an emo kid (a lot)
haha[I am not saying that im the emo .. . . .]

but you know what inspires me to start writing blogs and journals and stuffz around!?

well.... all those around me
and lately, my friends have caused a great impact on them.

Ok credit also goes to my family, but nothing new to learn from there(maybe a little but not much)

They have inspired me(some of them), some have disgusted me while most of them have made me partly who I am today.

My definition of a friend is really thorough.
This year I clearly made a revelation in my tiny head on the similarities of a friend and an acquaintance.
A friend is an acquaintance, but not the other way around. And this brings to another relationship equation you see, a friend can be a trusted best friend but not the other way around(at least in my life,


and the best "function" of relationships,

best friends can be lovers but not best friends must be lovers

neither is it that lovers not equal to best friends..........

GET ME?!?!!?


psyched "mathematician " in the making!



here goes to all of you ,

my acquaintances, friends, best friends and lovers(lol --with an "s" ) and even the stranger in the park the other day..............................

Good luck in all your relationships.....................

MAy GoD blEss us aLL!!!


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