Sunday, 19 July 2009

Time Flies when you think The clock Will Stop

There are so many posts that I have been dying to write up for the last 4 weeks, but for some weird reason, I just seem to get stuck to my FB or busy researching stuffs for my upcoming projects every time I sign in.

Well lets see...
MUET is over, next is IELTS on the 8 th, which will also be the GBP farewell at school. sigh... why do I always end up skipping GBP's fun events!
MUET wasn't that good a news for me, a little disappointed, probably I deserve it for not really making good use of the practice exercises we were given.
But, our GBP EXCO term is nearly over ... :)
but I will certainly miss working with our "Mother-of-all-ACS-mothers", in some way or another.
I must thank her a lot too, for being very supportive of this lone ranger from TCS in the foreign world of ACS .

Handover for the Scouts Div II will be done somewhere next week, and so will for the super water club of ours, which will be after the Swimming Gala this week.
Haih... swimming gala, I don't think I will be able to swim for more than 2 events this year...
PS competition in KL is on the day after the interschool relay event :( (pstt to all OLDHAM, TAGORE STILL RULES!)


And guess what, LTC too....
3D2N of MEMORABLE 52 hours for our darling Probationers... (PROVE YOURSELVES worthy ,if you are reading this)

So after 27th July, is it full swing with maximum torque and power and consistency for my current "love affair" ? (pls do not get confused)

Did I mention, that he-that-should-not-be-named is quite out of my way...

He was a good friend...a very close associate to my heart too... I will cherish the very close platonic friendship we shared. What ever it is, I will remain his friend, even if he gives disregard to it now. I will be there. There to support him. The difference now is that,my support will not be as conditionless as those old days back, it will be like that of yours .... haha*...
I will only be in deed to him when he asks me to... which I bet, he will never(anybody daring to take my bet, and prove me wrong, I'll belanja you one roti canai and teh tarik). {That's how low a bet i put to it !! hehe}

It is very much a relief too... I don't need to look out or go that extra mile for him... and it is easily reserved for all my loved ones who truly ,undoubtly and deeply care and love me .
Oh yea, I have maybe an extra minute a day for myself too ;)

I found love somewhere along the lines and that supports me, gives me more space to spend with this young man who has chosen to be part of my life...

Luckily the he-who-shall-not-be-named wasn't per sued to more than just friends more than a year ago. To come to think of it, it wouldn't have lasted too... it is not because there's just too much too see and too much to learn about the rest of the world... It is mainly because, we were not really that right for each other, two very stubborn people put together where, one is wise, educated and too busy , while the other supposedly just the other way around(which was so totally false and self proclaiming), nothing could have ever worked... well we all have our own right to our own perspectives in life too... but let me remind you, it only is true if you stick to it!
after all,he was never that into me either, what can this poor girl offer right ? *eyes rollfrom left-up-right, shakes head with a loud sigh!*

Friendships grow, and the path of them growing can be through a puddle of mud, tripping into a ditch , slipping down the cliff , running through pastures of marygolds, flying through a rainbow or maybe even dancing in the clouds.... it is all a matter of growing and learning from the best and the worst of its times....the end result.... nah, it doesn't really matter I guess, to some people that is ....

Anyway, I am confident to say, most of my friendships have grown, true faces known, defects noticed, weaknesses realised, appreciation of each others' strengths and downfalls, cherishing the best in life and thanking God for diversity. Yet, keeping bonds strong and making the best out of every moment in it.
Referring to Alanis's song.... I think this transition is over...

Thank you, he-who-should-not-be-named, for reminding me something that I nearly had forgotten, expect the worst in something but hope and have faith for the best.... and FYI , dear readers, I don't think they neutralise each other..... FAITH IS ALWAYS STRONGER!

So, with hope in my heart and prayer in my mind, the rest of the year will be K OK!
Prefects, Girl Guiding, Swimming, ACSIANS, 6AE ans, Juniors, Probationers, Best friends, crushes, ex crushes, "ex best friend(to-so-so )", my aldehydes and ketones, the PS speech , STPM, trials, IELTS, my applications, my family, my doggies, and the three babies of mine, the birds that destroy my car,SND my love, my TKD and everything in my life and all those around me... I WISH US ALL THE BEST ! and carpe Diem!

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

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