Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What is up tomorrow?

Hey hey!
The Prefectorial Board AGM was held last Friday, and that is it. Official obligations as a student leader is over... and I am going to be soooooo restless now on!

Back to square 7!

But the official handover ain't done yet , though... I hope the "little ones" learn fast!

I remember this familiar scenario almost 2 years ago... the same time I had too much time and ended falling in love... it was an experience.
Falling in and out of that game , is not really my field to play, I seem to be bad at it. So my second husband... STPM here I come! Wedding on 19th November 2009... wish me luck.

anyway, today feels too good to be true, so as usual, I doubt this "euphoria" will last till tomorrow.
STPM trials staring next Tuesday too!
MeRDeka eh?

Good luck fellow upper Sixers... and happy marking to our poor teachers too!
we'll get you all some coffee sachets too...

(back to studying 9 yet to cover Physics chapters)

<3 my family <3 my besties <3 my school <3Human Kind

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