Monday, 16 June 2014

too tired to sleep

You see THAT girl, yeah her. 
She seems so invincible right. 
but just touch her & she'll flinch.
She has secrets & she trusts no one.
she's the perfect example of betrayal. 
cause everyone she trusted, broke her.

It takes great strength to get through to someone .

Like the horrible burning pain in my stomach right now, the heart burns likewise too. 

People let down each other easily... perhaps that is why it is almost impossible at times, to trust again.
It is tough to let their guard down...
or be dependent on someone, who perhaps would just be another person to walk all over them and then run out of the picture all together... 

leaving them helpless and lost, till a moment comes, where every one else around them has to literally make them pick themselves up again 

personally, I still remember the time when I couldn't carry my groceries up, cause I was so accustomed in having someone do it for me all the time. 

I still remember having to rush and pack cause I almost always had all my things sorted out and kept in the boot when it was time to go back to my hometown.

I still remember how easy it was to sit in the cold air conditioned car and having my burger while watching another pump air into my car's tyre under that 12 noon sun

mum still lectures me for leaving my things around...
dad says I don't put the things back as they should...
sometimes, I catch myself, just drinking outta the tap cause I am too lazy to boil some clean water for myself...and later having a bad sorethroat cause of that == 

but when alone and away from home, the perks of home and the pampering aren't there.... instead of curling up in the corner and missing all of it .... coping it by being  able to fend for thyself is all that one has got...

i am homesick every other day...
but with the notion that I gotta grow up.... i try to grow up 

life can get too tiring to go on at times...
Therefore, I am certainly glad right now , that I am home [ and really, I don't wish to be anywhere else for just a little while ]

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