Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Woots to the Blog !

Music in the background right now :
-Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason" 

A year ago , it was to the fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and a mild heat stroke :p
and that post was delayed by over a 90 day period.

2014... What had you done to me !!!???

Perhaps this was the most exhilarating year yet in every element that I could think of,personally.

It has been pretty tragic in general to the people I love very much. However, all that I observed was strength to stand up again, from all of them.
Fire, rain, sadness nor sorrow did not stop them from regaining their potential and being out there in the world again.

I have friends who lost their families to a tragic plane crash, some to old age, many who face the transition of life, may it had been to a working life or a pension lead path.

*Ok , at a block here. I think we shall continue when the thoughts start spilling out for real *

Happy 2015 , nevertheless.... Bring it on , New Year!

this silly 2014 , was one heck of an experience!! ;D

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