Monday, 11 May 2009

The Flu

I'm not the average blog to write a journal type... honestly, sometimes I find a total waste of time and effort(seemingly, very few people actually read all of it).
I'm sitting here, staring bankly at the speakers of the PC , stupidly expecting a favourite song of mine to play at random.
Exams are on next week, and well, I AM BLOGGING!!!!!
Yikes... its mainly because I have come up with this terrible allergy reaction and am barely able to do anything else(very unlike my usual reactions)
It is cold yet it is terribly hot... guess I have fallen sick after sooooo long .

That then reminds me, I still have my unwritten speech for the World Young Women's Forum.... ARGH!
more frustrations right?
I started of quarter of the speech but there is just too much to write for a 6 minute speech.
Darn !

Other than my dear oral trainer at school, well, there is not much support otherwise.

Talking about best friend is "uncomfortable" with us texting almost daily... OI! we have been doing it for almost forever!!?! It is not my fault he hasn't been studying nor is he even near being prepared for his exams. I lost track of the countless number of times that I have actually nagged him on and on about him studying and that don't procrastinate and all that crap.
Yea, crap...
because, to tell you the truth ... procrastinating has become quite a part of my life lately as well....

Frustrations, well, they have always been there, and I am proud to tell you that I do keep my distance from it. It happens to be a bad friend... and I don't like keeping bad friends ;)

Haha... talking about bad friends.... my dear closiez and so called BFFS..... where on earth are you all?
Let me be frank, I am tired of being the first one to call or email or even find out if you all are down.... Surprisingly it is , I'm at home in the place we all grew up and there is no courtesey of any sort for you to let me know?!?!
I have given up... if you want to maintain a friendship, please do it so as well... it works two ways you know... everything does..
Its too exhausting for only one person to keep tabs at all times. Despite the fact that I may be a little busy when you are back, well, i will and so would any one else, appreciate a short call or a sweet message from you,or maybe a surprise drop by at my place.Its courteousy !

And, finally to courteousy.... like what I mentioned on the first of this year... what on earth is people with impersonal messages in wishing for a special occasion or so. Yesterday was Mother's day... If you want to wish a mother, call them larr! Or send a kind,sweet , NON FORWARDING NON SEND-TO-MANY text message. Must mobile phones and tele-communication ethiques become something thought in the school too!?!?!?!

Anyway, I don't believe in the 2nd Sundays of May being mother's day... its meant to be everyday... I think its plainly another commercial event for Memory Lane and giant corps to rander money out of our gradually shrinking pockets!
(I rather make my o0wn gifts and me stingy or anything, but my loved ones who get it , actually love it!)

So in the end, our actions are shown from what is in our hearts...

[i'm wheezing already now... off to sleep again i guess... and its not even 8 pm]

These words I've put into digital ones and zeroes, may just be the flu speaking(an effective excuse eh?)
or probably something that has been too long buried at the bottom of my heart and mind....

More words soon( forseeing a few more frustrations) ;)

Hey, don't go thinking that I am a sadist type or just emo, I'll post any exciting, interesting and HAPPY goss or stories and experiences ASAP!

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