Friday, 4 June 2010

My Arm hurts!!!!

Kneading, rolling and tossing 10.0 g doughs HURT!
especially if they are over 50 of them within 5 hours of work! CONTINUOUSLY! 

I got home all fine... a little tired though... checked my mail, chatted with some people online and watched 2 episodes of  Chuck (Shaw Brandon Ruth is introduced and he is super cool ---he looks like Tom Cruise ... but way taller and hawter ..He was Superman, remember ?....aaahhhhh...he's the hot n' cool kinda character you love on tv...hehe )

All of a sudden my index and  thumb started twitching... and I started feeling a shooting pain in my hand...
I applied some LMS, and went to sleep... about 4 am!  OUCCCHHHHHhhh !  my whole forearm started hurting...
Went over to parents room to get a pain killer ....but mum woke up... checked it... gave me a heating pad....
Didn't take the med though (her no no policy for painkillers for small things)

I thought all will be fine...but i woke up again a few hours later....and disturbed my mum again (sigh...sorry, mma)

Well...self diagnosis (hahahaa )   --- I have sore muscles!  and maybe a few overstrained nerves! 

Refer below :

-abductor policis extensor muscles 
-median nerve 
-and the bicep muscle!


i've got work in an hour again! START a fire!

    I need to return to TKD classes... WEAK arms! ish

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