Saturday, 12 June 2010

One More Week!

at least one more item on my "what to do after STPM ! " list can be struck out! 
I have worked for a week now...finally this lazy girl collected enough courage to let her legs ache, back pain,  hands go dry and even her eyes tear! 

Is it self praise if one says " I am not THAAAAT lazy anymore?"

Haha. At least I finally got one paid job done! 

Girl Guide Assoc of Malaysia's very much awaited Friendship Trail would have started a few minutes ago and tomorrow, we shall welcome the people from the south with our usual greetings, and a long list of uber fun games at our HQ.

PERAK welcomes all FTs ! 

Lucky us this year, this event will be the 2nd WAGGGS centenary project by Malaysia.
Please read the other blog  for news on the first day (that will be posted by late evening today!).

I hope all will go well, and the common cold that many of us have caught will not be a distraction to any of the activities we have packed! 
[ Probably should suggest to my KPC to have hot chicken soup for tea tomorrow! ]

Back to the "me being lazy " topic....
YES I CAN pat my own shoulder and say, KUDOS!  ....other than me working on a paid job (with rm 13 for tip in 3 days), within the last one week, I have at least blogged THRICE! 
---what progress  since 2007----

Now, to the topic of today's post...
yeap!  the long , dreadful wait I have been going through for over 7 months ...   (technically 18 months...)
may finally come to its end...

= )

what I am afraid would be> where to from there on?  : /

Would it be another post SPM  event, where I thought so many things will occur automatically right after my exams in 2007...
made no plans... only hoped...but had been utterly disappointed, and the result, my stat right now...   : l

I only can keep my fingers crossed, can't I ? Because, so far , I have done all that I can , and anything more would just be me not respecting a fellow being's power of free will!  : (
How long will it take for me to convince?
How much longer to say, its the safest risk?  
I stopped proving myself and impressing anybody, for a matter of fact, for quite some time now... relation to that....

did I mention before about my music player and I having some sort of connection...
cause while typing this last bit... 
Lady Antebellum's "Love This Pain"  started playing ....
the words went by something like this:

It's like I love this pain a little too much
Love my heart all busted up
Something 'bout her , him, we just don't work
But I can't walk away
It's like I love this pain

It's just an on again
And off again situation
It's just striking a match
A tank of gas combination
But here I am again lighting it up
Knowing that she'll just burn me

In a weeks time, dear, continue bringing out the best in me.
I finally found you.
So I keep holding on tight.
When the ground stops shaking , I know 
I've got a good thing.
You made me laugh when I wanted to cry.
This would last I know...
You gotta know! 

Well, one week will end very quickly, as usual... 
and I would still be unable to walk away.

I love this pain, and I know why.

signing off post with Matchbox Twenty's   3 AM 
; )

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